Hopper Hunter is a call to all the little explorers, the small wanderers, and the tiny dreamers of the world. Established in 2016 by the folks who do 18 Waits, and inspired by a time when the quality of children’s clothing was as important as the clothing worn by the adults in their lives. A time when garments were made with care and enough quality to be passed down from child to child and family to family. A time when children held their trousers up with suspenders and never left the house without a well-worn hat on their head.Meant to be played in, worn to Grandma’s house, messed up, cleaned up, patched, passed down, and loved. Hopper Hunter is quality crafted in Canada with fine attention to detail and a focus on the spirit of childhood. The Finest Clothing for the Littlest People.
Size Guide
Hopper Hunter Size Guide